Hike to the Edge of Three Kingdoms

Hike to the Edge of Three Kingdoms

This multi-day hiking tour takes place in the rough arctic terrain of the northernmost Lapland. Pack your passport and conquer three countries at one hike! On this six-day adventure you challenge yourself physically and the mountain views, silence and nature will blow you away mentally. This area is very quiet, arctic, untouched. True wilderness. The adventure is private for your group only.

The journey starts from Kilpisjärvi, the most impressive highland of Finland, where we spend the first night at a hotel. Good dinner buffet and sauna. The next morning the adventure begins in earnest, towards the land of mighty fells and mountains. After the first day of hiking in the highland we reach the Three Nations Border Point. The second hiking day is all about Norway. The highest peaks will have snowtops even in the middle of summer. The final two days we hike in Sweden. Rivers and streams form beautiful rapids and the mighty fells make you feel so so small. This is where all your everyday worries vanish in the pure clean air! After the last leg we end up in Finland again, by lake Kilpisjärvi. A boat trip across the lake with beautiful views will top off our journey.The last night is spent at the hotel, in Kilpisjärvi village. Of course with sauna to relax in. 

Tent life in Kilpisjärvi

During the journey our guide will make sure you are safe. We sleep in tents during the hike, and take our drinking water straight from the free flowing crystal clear waters. There is no electricity available outside the hotel.

Come and experience the Three Kingdoms! Although actually there are only two kings (in Sweden and Norway), Finland has a president. Good physical condition is required for this journey as we are far away from roads. 

In total the tour takes 6 days. You sleep in tents for 3 nights and 2 nights at a hotel.


Rough Schedule:

Day 1. Pick up from Kittilä or Kolari. Drive to Kilpisjärvi. Settling in Lapland, dinner and sleeping at a hotel.

Day 2. Journey begins by 10-15km hike. Three Nations Border Point. Sleeping in tents.

Day 3. Hiking in Norway 12-15km. 

Day 4. Hiking in Sweden 10km-15km. 

Day 5. Hiking in Sweden 10-15km. The final leg across the lake Kilpisjärvi by boat. Accommodation at a hotel.

Day 6. Drive back to the pick up point.

When to go hiking in Lapland?

We offer this tour from June to October.

What’s included?

Pihka Outdoors provides accommodation (tents & hotel), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and transport from Ylläs or Levi area. You should have your own hiking equipment, including sleeping bag and backpack. We can rent gear if needed.

What do I need to bring?

We will send you a gear list after booking.

Please note

Good physical condition is required for this adventure as we are far away from roads. Hikers carry their own backpacks and some food. Own travel insurance is a must.

How to get to Lapland?

You can fly to Rovaniemi or Kittilä airport in Finland. We come and pick you up from Kittilä. From Rovaniemi there is a bus connection to Kittilä, where we pick you up. You can also fly to Tromso, Norway and take a bus to Kilpisjärvi, where we meet you. By train you can travel from Helsinki to Kolari, where we pick you up. You can also travel by bus all the way from Helsinki to Kilpisjärvi.

Price range for private group:

999 – 2599 EUR (1-6 persons)

Ask for more information: info@pihkaoutdoors.com

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