The Mythical Northern Lights

The Mythical Northern Lights

Lapland is full of mythical creatures, on land, under water and up in the sky. Join the night-time adventure and search for the elusive Northern Lights. We snowshoe through silent forest as we wait for the show to begin. Take your camera and be prepared to break Instagram, as we will teach you to take those mind blowing shots of wandering Northern Lights. However, no guarantees they will appear, as we humans cannot control the sky. In any case, the old mystical forest at night will be an experience to remember. In the dark, snowy trees look like peculiar fantasy creatures. After this tour you will have the skills needed for night and aurora shooting in future. Tour length is 3-4 hours.


Auroras can be seen on clear, dark nights in Autumn, Winter and Spring. Pihka Outdoors offers tours from September to early April.

What’s included?

We offer transportation from your accommodation in Ylläs area. Pick up from Levi for extra fee. Hot drink, small snacks and tripods are included. Warm clothing is provided if needed.

Please note

Auroras can only be seen when the sky is clear. Even then they are not guaranteed as aurora likelihood depends on the Sun activity.

What do I need to bring?

It is important to wear the warmest clothes and shoes you have. We have spare down jackets and padded winter trousers if needed, as well as some shoes. Wear at least these: long underwear, woollen or fleece middle layer and insulating jacket with padded winter pants. Woollen socks are recommended. Hat and mittens are a must.

How to get to Ylläs?

You can fly to Rovaniemi or Kittilä airport in Finland. We come and pick you up from Kittilä. From Rovaniemi there is a bus connection to Kittilä, where we pick you up. By train you can travel from Helsinki to Kolari, where we pick you up. Ask for more info!

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  • 1 person 149 €
  • 2-4 persons 99 €

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